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JLAP can help close the gap and advance companies closer to where they want to go

JLAP Consulting is the brainchild of Owner and Founder, Jeff Pabian, who started the company back in 2008. Not your typical tech guy, Jeff studied fine arts and graphic design before graduating with a degree in forensic anthropology. He discovered his true calling ahead of the dot com era as a tech support representative. Through his distinctive personality, Jeff worked up the ranks while building a unique set of professional experiences and perspectives. He understands the human side of work and the importance of building relationships. Throughout his 25 years in the tech world, Jeff has led pivotal teams in some of Atlanta's most prominently known companies such as EarthLink, Cbeyond, Red Hat, The Weather Channel, and Amplify (just to name a few). Jeff believes that every situation presents itself with an opportunity to learn and to simply be and do better.

His wife Lily, joined JLAP for the fun of working alongside her husband of 20 years. With a background in journalism and marketing, she brings a stable of expertise in strategy development and tactical initiatives.

Described as a Project Manager Beast, Lily has worked with heavy corporate giants, nonprofits,

and small business retail and restaurants within local, regional and international markets.

Lily has a passion for reaching aha moments through her love of market research and

activating discoveries into course of action and deliverables. As a team, the duo strives to help businesses and organizations respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive and achieve objectives.

They work to develop and operationalize plans for not only surviving, but also thriving.

Jeff and Lily are proud parents to three wonderful teens who keep them heavily active in volunteer activities. They spend most of their weekends keeping up with their bunch between soccer games, band competitions, and guitar lessons. Big believers in solid friendships, good tunes, and killer cuisine, send them a message, they'd love to connect.

Visit LinkedIn to learn more about Jeff and Lily.

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